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Patokh chodiev

Transforming lives through educational, charitable and cultural projects in Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine and Japan. Preserving heritage, investing in future generations.

The International Chodiev Foundation is a non-governmental charitable organisation founded in by international businessman and philanthropist Dr Patokh Chodiev to promote academic excellence, creativity and innovation, as well as provide charitable support to the vulnerable across Eurasia.

We currently operate in five countries. Please hover over the map to find out more about our work in each region. By helping young people to fulfil their potential, we make a contribution to building a peaceful society, free of poverty and violence. For the last 20 years, Dr Chodiev has been working hard to provide young people with access to education, to foster international relations, to promote cultural and art projects, and to give support to the most vulnerable.

Your browser does not support the video tag. We suggest you upgrade your browser. About ICF The International Chodiev Foundation is a non-governmental charitable organisation founded in by international businessman and philanthropist Dr Patokh Chodiev to promote academic excellence, creativity and innovation, as well as provide charitable support to the vulnerable across Eurasia.

Our geography. Our Founder Dr Patokh Chodiev. View all news. May 12, Educational projectsUzbekistan November 06, Educational projectsUzbekistan August 13, View all blog posts. Contact us.Thanks to more than one year of work, the implementation of dozens of projects, Fattah Chodiev achieved close cooperation between Russia and Japan.

The biography of the Kazakhstani businessman and some interesting facts about him are in this article. The Kazakhstani businessman never hid that his love for Japan is limitless. It was this country that, in the form of a strong dream, gave him everything necessary: he entered the best institute, received all the necessary knowledge, then moved to the land of the rising sun, where he found his own path.

Shodiev was born in the administrative center of Uzbekistan — in the Jizzakh region. The family of Patokh was not particularly wealthy. In his youth, he had to achieve everything with knowledge, which in the future came in handy.

As they say, most often successful people are people who originally walked with empty pockets. Fattah Chodiev was looking for all kinds of ways to solve his financial problems. He made plans that led him to fulfill his dreams. After graduation, Patokh Chodiev left Uzbekistan to enter a prestigious institute. He was attracted to the Moscow State Institute of International Relations by the fact that there were opportunities to get to know Japanese culture as much as possible and spend a lot of time studying the Japanese language he loved.

Of course, the path to success did not end in Moscow at a prestigious university. Also, the fact that he was in the community of local residents every day inspired Patokh quite a lot.

Patokh Chodiev: Facts From The Life Of A Billionaire

After all, the Japanese are some of the best company that you can come up with for maintaining the steady movement towards your goals. The businessman has repeatedly argued that the Japanese partially shaped his personality.

After Japan, charged with a fighting spirit and clear plans for the future, Chodiev moved to Kazakhstan. Here he began to invest in promising projects, met with reliable business partners who have been his true friends for many years. Fattah Chodiev chose a good time to start a business career — then, the collapse of the USSR was followed by the advent of market relations and, in fact, the alternative was not optimistic.

For more than twenty years, the Kazakh businessman has been working with large business projects and now, he is one of the most famous charitable figures. Along with this, Fattah Chodiev is a family man. He has three children and a beautiful wife — Gulnara Tursunova. The eldest daughter of the businessman, Munissa, followed the path of her father. She is a philanthropist, investor, has many of her business projects.

Previously, she served as head of the investor relations department at the Eurasian Group. Munissa founded her investment fund Vault Investments, which actively directs funds to innovative projects. Sabir Chodiev also has his own business and invests in promising projects.


Nafisa Chodieva is a very successful girl, known throughout Kazakhstan not only because of her father but to a greater extent because of the opening of the Pout Case company. Pout Case produces innovative and expertly designed cases for phones and cosmetics.The influence of this person on the cultural and social events of the region is increasing every year. Two powers at once — Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan — can think of the financial tycoon as one of their compatriots.

But the entrepreneur also has Belgian citizenship — that he deserved for special merits as a consultant in a large company. Patokh Chodiev was born in Uzbekistan. The entrepreneur does not forget about these two countries: he regularly provides financial support to people who are least financially protected. Further material is devoted to the biography, financial formation and charitable activities of a world-famous businessman.

The spirit of a true fighter, a winner, has been living in this person since early childhood. Even then, having been born into a large and not very wealthy family, Patokh Chodiev understood that only hard work would help him to achieve success.

And a good education. Therefore, having worked for a long time as an office employee in one of the local periodicals, he decided to go to the capital of the USSR, Moscow. There he entered the most prestigious institute as for those times and even today — International Relations Institute. He mastered the specialty of a lawyer in international law. At the same time he studied Japanese.

patokh chodiev

But this was only the beginning of his many victories: first over himself, then over competitors in business. A native of Uzbekistan successfully defended the title of Doctor of Political Science.

patokh chodiev

Currently, he is an active member of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan. Patokh Chodiev in many interviews does not get tired of thanking his alma mater for the knowledge and friends gained there. But not only the words express his appreciation, but also his generous donations to the university fund.

Inhe was born in the Jizzakh region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The entrepreneur remembers the period of time when he lived at home, not too often. Because the countdown of his success has been from the moment he moved to study in the capital of the RSFSR.

The career of a businessman began to develop rapidly in the s.

Our founder

He solved there problems of an economic nature. Patokh Chodiev dreamed of visiting Japan from an early age.Chodiev is currently ranked on the Forbes list of billionaires. Patokh Chodiev was born in Uzbekistan. In Septemberthe Chodiev Foundation registered a representative office in Uzbekistan, in order to provide humanitarian assistance and healthcare to orphanages in the country.

Reports also stated that Chodiev plans to build several shopping malls as well as a metallurgical plant in Tashkent as part of an investment push into Uzbekistan. On 27 June Patokh Chodiev acquired Belgian citizenship.

This led to a debate in the media about how his naturalization was obtained, since Chodiev does not speak any of the three official languages of Belgium DutchFrench or German fluently. Furthermore, the Belgian State Security Service expressed concerns about Chodiev's relations to other Russian businessmen, [7] [8] but eventually found "nothing to report.

His Belgian naturalization was finally the subject of an official inquiry in Januaryabout which the Belgian newspaper Le Soir wrote on 11 January "When Serge Kubla wrote to Claude Eerdekens on 16 Mayall the lights were already green for Chodiev: he had the support of the SPF Justice, the State Security Service, the Aliens Department, the Waterloo police and the Public Prosecutor's Office, and therefore also that of the naturalization service".

Kubla's physical intervention with Mr. Vandewalle", referring to the Chief Commissioner of the Waterloo police. A parliamentary commission of inquiry concluded unanimously on 30 April that Chodiev's naturalization procedures had not been influenced by Serge Kubla. However, through his lawyer, Chodiev said he is willing to drop a formal complaint against several commission members on the condition that he receive a letter from a representative of the Belgian authorities admitting that the commission had operated inappropriately, subjected Chodiev to "slander", and acknowledging the negative impact of the investigation on Chodiev and his family.

According to the representative, no judgement had been made against Chodiev, Mashkevich and Ibragimov who "are therefore presumed innocent. In Novemberthe company was renamed "Eurasian Resources Group" ERG and is registered in Luxembourg as a company specializing in natural resources.

Patokh Chodiev

Patokh Chodiev was named among the Belgians linked to offshore companies when the Panama Papers scandal broke in April Media related to Fattoh Shodiyev at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject.

It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia's content policies, particularly neutral point of view. Please discuss further on the talk page. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved 05 - 03 - Financial Times. Retrieved 22 March Retrieved 21 November De Morgen.

Retrieved 20 September Le Soir Plus. Archived from the original on 1 August Retrieved 27 March The most fascinating facts about the life of Kazakhstani businessman Patokh Chodiev are all about his charity work. Despite the fact that the billionaire could completely immerse himself in business projects, he managed to organize his schedule in such a way as to allocate a good half of it to the International Chodiev Foundation.

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ICF is a charity foundation that Patokh Chodiev founded in For almost 25 years, the businessman has been carrying out a long list of projects for residents of Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, and other countries. The history of the ICF, the mission and values of the charity project are in the material. The International Chodiev Foundation was created by a Kazakh businessman to help the university in which he once studied.

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Inthe Moscow State Institute of International Relations MGIMO was going through difficult times: it was impossible to reward students for their achievements and many problems were created due to the lack of sufficient funding. Patokh Chodiev considered it his duty to help the institution, which once helped him gain important knowledge and acquaintances for him, so he launched the foundation and began to actively participate in the program to save alma mater.

On the official website of the fund, Fattah Chodiev indicated that the mission of the International Chodiev Foundation is to realize an important goal — to provide MGIMO students and the entire university with the necessary funding. The businessman invests a lot of his own funds to achieve it, while also involving his business partners. We work with all our partners to achieve the sustainable development goals adopted by the international community.

I and all representatives of the foundation believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access knowledge and that intellectual opportunities can change lives. Cultural ties, according to the businessman, can lead to mutual respect, understanding, and friendship between people and countries. Establishing cultural links between academic institutions, governments, and the wider community is key to developing better relations between nations.

The main programs supported by ICF include scholarships and internships, as well as the development of inter-university cooperation through more internships and research opportunities. During this time, 30 scholarships and more than grants were awarded to students. The International Chodiev Foundation seeks to establish communication channels between students, departments and various institutions, to help young talents to establish contacts in their professional environment.

The Foundation provides them with housing and promotes its scientific activities. Whether one is cooking professionally at a fast-food restaurant or a prime steakhouse, the job of a professional chef is…. Industrial real estate is a bright spot in the commercial real estate CRE industry. According to Ali Ata, it is…. Carriers were already struggling with…. If you have been keen on the transformations in the history of video games, you may have noticed that the….

About Who are we? Reviews Resources. Organizes educational and research programs designed to reveal the talents and intellectual potential of future generations.

patokh chodiev

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Patokh Chodiev: Biography of a successful businessman

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patokh chodiev

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